Temple Grandin

Autism Spectrum + Livestock Consultant + Faculty Member Colorado State University Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin was born in August 1947 and is an internationally renowned spokesperson on autism, having been diagnosed with the condition herself in adulthood. She is also a prominent proponent for the humane treatment of livestock for slaughter; and a consultant to the livestock industry on animal behaviour.

She is one of the first individuals on the autism spectrum to document the insights she gained from her personal experience of autism. Grandin invented the “Hug Box” device to calm those on the autism spectrum. In the 2010 Time 100, an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world, she was named among those in the “Heroes” category.

During the South Yorkshire Autism Fayre Online 2020 event, Grandin will host a Q&A session. 

Participants are required to have watched her seminar;

 “The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum” 

prior to joining her live event. Grandin will answer questions based on her own experiences, her own autistic brain and the journey she has been on throughout her life, both good and bad.

Participants can submit any questions they have for Temple Grandin to contact@southyorkshireautismfayre.co.uk prior to the 31st August 2020. Due to time restrictions, not all questions will be able to be read out. However, questions will be screened, to ensure that the most popular themes are put to her live on the day.