Micheal Connolly

Director + Aviation + Assessor + Training Manager Skywise Solutions

Having spent the last 30 years as a trainer, assessor & training manager I can honestly say the most rewarding and enjoyable time has been spent in aviation. I have several close family members with disabilities and when I began my time in aviation it was apparent that although visible and mobility disabilities were catered for around the world there was a significant lack in support for those passengers with hidden disabilities. I helped to develop the Hidden Disability project in my last role and this training is now recognised internationally and is also being introduced outside of aviation into supermarkets and transport systems around the country.

In my last role I proudly held the role of PRM Ambassador, developing new strategies and attending conferences and driving the assistance program forward on an international level. I held this role for several years, making and keeping many key contacts and helping to influence the service from within. I personally hold several positions within government which gives SkyWise Solutions a valuable and unique insight and position to new directions of governmental and regulatory movement. Here I advise on aviation access for the British Government and attend the Welsh government for anti-trafficking. Both positions are very rewarding and challenging at the same time. I hold seats on several access and inclusion groups for airports around the UK and have assisted airports in both the UK and Eire become disability friendly recognized.