Dr Mark Brown

Special Needs Consultant + RNLD, PhD, MA Autism, Dip App Psych, Dip Prof Prac, SHSN

Mark has worked with children and adults with learning disabilities, autism and many other neuro-developmental conditions for over 30 years in many different capacities, which has included managing a residential long-stay home for adults with behavioural difficulties.

Mark specialises in working directly with children, adolescents and young adults who have a range of diagnoses, and who are all struggling with challenging and/or socially inappropriate behaviour.  Many of the young people he works with have difficulties in interpreting the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable sexual behaviour, and this work has led him to developing an enhanced sex education course specifically designed for those who may otherwise be at risk of displaying sexually inappropriate behaviour.

Mark completed his PhD at the University of Kent in 2019, with his thesis titled “I wish I had learnt to keep safe – sexuality and relationships education (SRE) for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Condition”.

During the South Yorkshire Autism Fayre Online 2020, Mark will host talks on his most popular topics; “Puberty and Neurodiversity – Ready or Not Here It Comes” and “The Online World – Keeping your child/teenager safe”. Mark will also host 1:1 advice sessions, where tailored support will be given on a personalised basis.