Chrissy Meleady MBE

CEO Equality + Human Rights UK, Chrissy Meleady

Chrissy Meleady is the CEO of Equalities and Human Rights UK. She has worked in the field of Equalities and Human Rights for 35 years, taking various roles and holding different responsibilities, including being the CEO of Racial Equality Councils and the  CEO of Regional Equalities and Human Rights Centres. 

Chrissy has managed legal teams – including solicitors and barristers and policy and advocacy services and has been an Advisor to consecutive Governments on Equalities and Human Rights, both here in the UK and in other nations. She has worked with International organisations and agencies in the field of Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid across the Globe.

From 2005-2015 Chrissy oversaw the diversity proofing and Equalities and Human Rights compliance of the Governments Early Support Programme for Disabled children, young people and young adults, including those with Autism. She contributed to the development and formulation of the SEND Code of Practice and other legislation and statutory guidance. Chrissy continues in her oversight roles nationally and internationally, and continues to manage legal, policy and advocacy services. She also keeps abreast of practice issues on the ground through carrying a caseload herself across these service areas.

Chrissy was awarded an MBE in 2000 by the Queen for her services to children, young people and families nationally and internationally and is the recipient of a wide range of international awards for her work; most often championing those who are discriminated against, vulnerable and oppressed in different parts of the world.