Dr Carrie Grant

Vocal Coach + TV Presenter + Session Singer + Autism Child Support Carrie Grant

Carrie and her husband, David Grant, are probably best known as judges and vocal coaches, on the massively successful TV talent shows, “Pop Idol” (ITV) and the BBC flagship programme “Fame Academy”. They are current judges on BBC 1’s BAFTA Award winning “Glee Club.”

Carrie is a Mum to four children; 3 birth, 1 adopted. She says “Three with ADHD, two autistic…. all high functioning so they can appear much of the time, to be just like everyone else around them. Neuroscience shows our children are wired differently and as with all human beings, the outworking of this shows itself uniquely in each person. My autistic children are clever, creative, funny, one has world-sized empathy, the other very little. They both carry huge anxiety, which presents itself in different ways. One holds it all in until she turns it on herself, the other explodes frequently. One sleeps like a log, the other rarely sleeps. One requires gentle handling, the other firmer. One is desperate for strategies to help her stay alive and positive, the other doesn’t care about living right now. We are micro-adjusting daily to get the best outcomes for them and from them.”

“My husband and I run a parent-support group for parents of HF autistic girls. We have over 75 families.  Hand on heart I can honestly say I have never met a more committed, passionate-to-learn, flexible, adaptable, loving group of people. We have all learned so much and still have so much to learn. Some of us are considering the next stage as we realise, we are getting older and our children will not grow out of autism. We have to make plans for when we are no longer here.”

Participants can submit any questions they have for Carrie Grant to contact@southyorkshireautismfayre.co.uk prior to the 31st August 2020. Due to time restrictions, not all questions will be able to be read out. However, questions will be screened, to ensure that the most popular themes are put to her live on the day.